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November 7, 2019
by katemarshall


This week is the last week for our poetry unit. Each class has been busily compiling their anthologies.

This week we had a go at writing a limerick. We learnt that there are a few rules to follow, with the first two lines rhyming and having the same number of syllables, the second two lines rhyming and then the final line rhyming with the first and second lines…phew!

We are sad to be finishing up our poetry unit, however next we will get to write responses!

Here is a limerick that 4M wrote together…


There once was a class called 4M,

There was always learning for them,

They were very smart,

And went to Kmart,

To get many maths sheets for them.


October 10, 2019
by katemarshall

Interrelate Sex Education-Family Night

On Tuesday 15th October at 7pm, Year 3 and 4 students and their parents/carers are invited to attend a 45 minute session focusing on Body Safety. The cost is $32 per family, or $37 if attending the earlier session as well, with payment due on Friday 11th October.

This program follows on from the Child Safety and Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationship (4R’s) lessons the Year 4 students have participated in, covering topics such as identifying safety clues and risk taking, as well as emotional literacy and stress management.

The program covers the topics;

  • Discuss and examine protective behaviours
  • Identify the early warning signs
  • Affirm the right to say “no”
  • Identify public versus private
  • Define inappropriate and appropriate behaviours
  • Enhance awareness of children’s personal safety and protective behaviours


We hope to see you there!

Year 4 team

October 10, 2019
by katemarshall

Telstra Kids

Dear Parents,

If you are a Telstra employee you are eligible to register Laburnum Primary School for a $1200 Telstra Kids Grant. From Tuesday the 15th October through to Friday the 25th October eligible Telstra employees will be able to register for this grant on behalf of our school.

You must register online by the deadline. The system will then invite you to complete the grants process so that the Telstra Foundation can gift the Telstra Kids grant if your application is one of the automated “lottery-style” entries chosen.
The more entries there are for our school, the greater the chance our name will be randomly chosen.

So if you are a Telstra employee please hop online as soon as possible and register.

Jacqueline Purcell

Learning Specialist


September 12, 2019
by missfielding

3D Printing Club

This is just a reminder that there will be no 3D Printing Club in week 10 of Term 3 (19/9/2019) and week 1 of Term 4 (10/10/2019). 3D Printing will commence in week 2 of Term 4 (17/10/2019) at 7:45am – 8:45am as per usual in room 23.

Thank you,

Alison Pho & Liz Souvatzis


September 9, 2019
by katemarshall

Camp is NEXT WEEK!!!

Today we had a meeting with all the Year 4’s to go over expectations for camp which is NEXT WEEK! Miss Fielding showed a PowerPoint (similar to the one that she showed the parents) outlining our daily schedule and routines that we will need to follow.

Some of the important things we spoke about were;

  • Be at school at 8am Monday 16th September (but not earlier than 7.45am)
  • Bags will need to be placed on the Janet Street nature strip for the driver’s to load the bus prior to departure
  • Students will find out whether they are on bus #1 or #2 this week
  • Bags, pillows and sleeping bags need to be together
  • Students need to have a small bag with their lunch. snack and drink bottle to take with them on the bus
  • EVERYTHING needs to be labelled
  • NO EXTRA FOOD other than their recess and lunch for the first day; all other food will be provided by the camp
  • No electronics/cameras
  • Medication to be provided to Bernadette Sparkes in a clearly named plastic zip lock bag, with completed paper-work

We will arrive back on Wednesday 18th September between 3 and 3.30pm. Parents are asked to;

  • Not call the office for the return time (if the campers are running late, you will be notified via the Skoolbag App)
  • Help keep Janet Street clear for bus and luggage access
  • Avoid blocking the footpath on Janet street and school entrance
  • Help take any bag they see to the basketball court
  • Get their child’s name ticked off the roll by their teacher
  • Ensure their child collects the correct bag and belongings before they leave

Students will go over routines for lining up this week so they are ready for next Monday. One week to go!

September 6, 2019
by katemarshall

Week 8

We have continued to explore multiplication and area in maths this week. One of our tasks this week was to create a square metre. We explored how to create a different shape that had the same area. We had a lot of fun and also practised working in collaborative groups.



September 3, 2019
by missfielding

Jeans for Genes Day

A reminder that this Friday 6th September is Jeans for Genes day at LPS. Students can wear either denim jeans with their school shirt or a denim jacket and bring in a gold coin donation.

We are hoping to raise lots of money to support this wonderful cause and help raise awareness and much needed funds to support research into genetic diseases, their causes and potential treatments and cures.


August 23, 2019
by katemarshall

Week 6

Another busy week in year 4, and plenty more to come!

In Reading this week, we have been focusing on synthesizing and the way our knowledge and thinking expands the more we read into a book. We visually demonstrated this thinking through ‘ripples’ – like the ripples that are made by throwing a pebble in a pond.  This was a fantastic visual as the students could see how their thinking evolved throughout the duration of a book.

In Mathematics, we have been identifying strategies for multiplying a range of numbers. For example, the doubling and one more strategy.  We also have begun our area unit, and this week explored informal units of measurement.  The activity was a ‘step in the right direction’ and students were required to trace around their shoe and find out the best way to measure the area. 😛

On Friday students dressed up as their favourite book character! We had a huge variety of costumes and we could see a lot of effort had been put into them!

Looking forward to our next week of learning!

Year 4 team 

August 15, 2019
by missfielding

Ideas to prepare you child for camp

With camp fast approaching you may be looking for ways to help prepare your child for their big adventure. The following are some practical ideas that you can use to get the ball rolling:

  • Decide the bag or case your child will use.
  • Have your child practise packing and carrying their own bag/case.
  • Discuss with your child about separating dirty laundry from clean clothes (a plastic bag for dirty clothes is a good idea).
  • Have your child practise opening and packing away their sleeping bag.
  • Practise setting the dinner table, clearing the table and washing/drying dishes.
  • Discuss personal hygiene routines (shower, brushing teeth, etc.)
  • Arrange for your child to spend a night away from home at a friend or relative’s house and practise all of above.
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