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Week 3 – Term 4


This week the Year 4s have been continuing their work on the following:

  • Maths; Mass and Money. We have used scales and build on our understanding of comparing weights. We have some very savvy money savers and spenders in Year 4, as shown in our spending, saving and calculating change activities.
  • English; visualizing while we read and writing a discussion about a topic of their choice. It is important to write and show both sides of the argument in a discussion.
  • Inquiry; we have been looking at sustainability. This has had us look at the rubbish that students bring to school, how we can better cutting our waste and identify the issues around plastic production and waste.


  • October is ‘Walk to School’ month (ride, walk or scoot to school)
  • Tuesday 30th October 5.45-7.00pm is the Year 4 Science Night (for those that have returned the notice). Students attending and an adult are asked to meet at the Year 4 line up are at 5.45pm to participate in 4 fantastic science experiments


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