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Year 4 Science Night


Year 4 Science Night

On Tuesday 30th October around 40 Year 4 students and their families joined in the Year 4 Science Night. It was a great night filled with four fun activities all to do with SCIENCE!

  • Palaeontology – students looked at fossils and skull bones of a range of different animals, including carnivores and herbivores.
  • Air-powered rockets – students created a paper rocket and used plastic bottles that were jumped on to create pressure for the rocket to fire. Then students needed to calculate height and angles of the launch.
  • Biology and mini-beasts – students observed creatures collected from two local water sources. Students then needed to be scientists to determine what creatures were found.
  • Electricity – students used balloons and tested these on a range of materials to test the levels of friction and static electricity.

Thank you to Mrs Trend, Miss Fielding and Mr Herreen. A BIG thank you to our amazing parent presenters; Marcus Jones, Pavi De Alwis, Jo Fluke and Jyothi Mysore.

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