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Week 5 – Term 4


Week 5 – Term 4

With Melbourne Cup on Tuesday, this meant it was a short week. Still, the learning continued on a number of areas:

  • Maths; Angles and Time – students are getting pretty good at using protractors when measuring angles of lines and shapes. Telling the time in 12 and 24 hour time is also extremely important, as is reading timetables.
  • Writing; Mandala Poetry – students have been using a mandala circle to help tell a story through pictures, then students needed to write a poem to match their amazing circles.
  • Reading; Visualising – visualising while we read is an important skill to have. This week we have thought about what image we have a in our head. We also looked at picture books with no words and had to visualise what the author might be saying or wanted to say.
  • Inquiry; Sustainability – we have continued to understand the importance of protecting our planet from waste. We have further researched plastic, plastic bags, alternative bags for shopping and their impact on our environment.
  • Spelling; Plurals – we have had a focus on how some words change when you have more than one. There are some regular and irregular plural words.



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  • Just a reminder that the school is raising funds to help the farmers this coming Friday 9th November
    • Students are invited to wear something relating to farm life to school and asked to bring along a gold coin donation to help raise money for farmers in drought.

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