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March 23, 2017
by katemarshall

Inquiry-Guest Speaker Adrian Cameron

This term we have been investigating how to promote a healthy lifestyle. This Thursday, we had a special guest, Adrian Cameron, come in to discuss his research role at Deakin University.  He has been studying how healthy and unhealthy food is promoted in supermarkets.

Adrian has been working on developing engaging signs to put on supermarket trollies to promote a healthier way of buying groceries. At the end of the presentation we got to have a say about which signs would work well!

We will keep our eyes peeled for what healthy promotions may pop up on our next shopping trip!



March 9, 2017
by katemarshall

St. Johns Ambulance First Aid in Schools Incursion

The visit to our school by St John Ambulance First Aid in Schools program gave the year 4 students an opportunity to learn the basic first aid procedures if faced with an emergency. The students listened to the presenter explain the actions linked to each letter of the acronym DR ABCD and how these actions might look in the event of an emergency. Discussions also centred on the support that is available by phoning triple zero and when to use this number. The students also worked in pairs to practise moving a patient into the recovery position and the importance of keeping a patient safe.

The session made real life links to the community groups that help to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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