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October 16, 2014
by peterhardiman

Grade 4 Camp – Day 2

On the second day of the Grade 4 camp students were up bright and early after a good night’s sleep.  Breakfast was nice and hot which was good because it was pretty chilly outside.  At 9 am the three groups set off into the township for their rotation activities.  Students learned about making cordials and got to try them at MB Cellars.  Everyone liked the Burke Museum where we heard about the history of the local area.  We found out where the Kelly gang got their ideas for their armour … a Japanese Samurai suit used in a local street parade! The old buildings look almost original and everyone was very excited to see the lolly shop and the honey shop.  Luckily the bees were all behind glass!  A visit to the blacksmith was lots of fun.  It was amazing to see how they made a poker out of a bar of iron.   All of the teachers have been complimented on the mature and polite manners demonstrated by our students as they visit the sites and move around Beechworth’s footpaths.  It is a credit to the teachers at our school and the families in our community that we have such responsible Grade 4 students.

Back at the Old Priory we are now enjoying some quiet time before dinner …

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