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March 15, 2018
by katemarshall

Book Boxes

This week Year 4 received their Book Boxes! We keep our independent reading books in them. We have learnt how to look after them and how to choose ‘just right’ books to put in them.

They’re great because we don’t have to get up during independent reading to choose the perfect book, they’re all right there in front of us!

March 9, 2018
by katemarshall

Michael Sukkar Visit

On Tuesday, Year 4 students were visited by Michael Sukkar MP as part of our Civics and Citizenship unit. He explained the process of how government decisions are made. We learnt about the House of Representatives and the Senate and were given time to ask questions.

March 5, 2018
by katemarshall

Civics and Citizenship

As part of our Civics and Citizenship unit, ‘Why is it important to be an active and informed citizen?’, Michael Sukkar MP will be coming to talk to Year 4 students about how government decisions are made on Tuesday 6th March.

Thank you,

Year 4 Team

March 1, 2018
by blakeherreen

Week 5 – Term 1

This week, the Year 4 classes have been working hard to create their own Classroom Library! This will be an ongoing and always updating resource. There are some great fiction and non-fiction categories in each Year 4 classroom like; Technology, Science, History, Fantasy, Thriller, Adventure and many more.

 (Classroom Library in progress – awaiting baskets/containers and labels)

This will help us as we look to slowly implement Independent Reading – a program that you can find a little bit more about from the Department of Education website below.

Students will read a range of ‘just right’ texts, conference with their teacher and set reading goals around comprehension and fluency/decoding. Let’s LOVE READING!


Many thanks to all families who have helped make a positive start to Term 1!

Year 4 Team

February 22, 2018
by katemarshall

First Aid St Johns Ambulance Incursion

This week we had our First Aid incursion and learnt how to help unconscious people in an emergency situation. Neil from St Johns Ambulance came to visit us and taught us the important steps to take when someone falls unconscious. We learnt how to lay people in the recovery position and how to check if they are breathing. We now understand how important it is to know our address so when we call 000 and ask for an ambulance, they can find us. We participated in role plays with each other and with mannequins. It was a great incursion and we now know how to act quickly if we ever find ourselves or others in an emergency situation.


February 15, 2018
by katemarshall

Learning to Learn

Last week saw the end of our Learning to Learn program here at Laburnum and it’s great to see the Year 4’s settling into their new classroom routines so effortlessly. We have spent lots of time getting to know our new classmates and teachers, setting out classroom expectations and understanding our school values. This year is especially exciting for our students as by now most children have received their very own netbook devices to use as a learning tool in class. It is for this reason that we have spent a great deal of time discussing positive internet practices and cyber safety. This included taking part in an interactive webinar with HUNDREDS of other schools on Internet Safety Day. This week we settled into our official learning program and had our first real taste of life as a Year 4 student. On Monday afternoon we enjoyed Year 4 sports together, taking part in a number of different activities including relay races, obstacle courses, hand eye coordination games and soccer drills. What a week it’s been! We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for us!

November 16, 2017
by katemarshall

Volume and Capacity

This week the Year 4’s got outside and explored volume and capacity. They used different measuring devices and water to work out the capacity of unknown vessels.



November 10, 2017
by katemarshall

Remembrance Day


Today 4S and 4M researched why we commemorate Remembrance Day in Australia. We made poppies and the children reflected on the importance of the day.


October 22, 2017
by katemarshall




Dear Parents/Carers,

For your information.

G.A.T.E.WAYS December ‘Festivals of Workshops’ for Prep to Year 6 students

G.A.T.E.WAYS are very excited to inform you of details of their end of year Festival extravaganzas!  They have been running Festivals for many years now and they are a lovely way to finish our year.

The Prep Festival of Workshops will be hosted by Brighton Grammar Middle School, Brighton on Monday, 11 December and Tuesday, 12 December from 9.15 – 3.00pm. The Year 1- 6 Festival will be hosted by Firbank Grammar School in Brighton on Thursday, 14 December and Friday, 15 December from 9.30 – 3.15.

This is a PARENT ENROLLED program.

ENROLMENTS OPEN MONDAY, 23 OCTOBER. Enrolment instructions are on the front page of the brochure and on our website.


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