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September 19, 2018
by bbrickhill

Log Cabin Ranch – Wednesday

Last night was movie night.  The film was Trolls.  Everyone brought their pillows and sleeping bags to the recreation room and enjoyed the show on the big screen.

It was an early night and a long sleep for everyone.

Breakfast was served at 8am.  The students are now experts at clearing their plates and cleaning up after meals.  A habit to continue at home!

The students packed thier day packs and bags.  Sleeping bags were rolled up and everything taken to the luggage storage area.  Bunk rooms were tidied and met a very high standard on inspection.

This morning we are enjoying the final two activities in the rotation of:

Hut building

Initiative games

and Orienteering


After lunch we will load the bus and head back to school.

Everyone has achieved a lot of personal goals and made new friends.

September 18, 2018
by bbrickhill

Log Cabin Ranch – Tuesday

We awoke to a lovely sunny morning.  Breakfast was much quieter than dinner as the campers showed that they had settled into camp routines.  It was lovely to see the use of manners and turntaking.

Our final two first round rotations were completed after breakfast. Possum glide saw teamwork lifting a ‘glider’ into the air.

Milk crate stacking was a problem-solving teamwork exercise.  Everyone got three attempts to make the highest tower they could for their climber.  Stackers lifted crates.  The pull team lifted the climber and the climber braved the heights to reach success.  One tower was 12 crates high.


Archery tested accuracy and perseverance.  You really needed to have control and strength to fire the arrows into the hay bales and targets.

The commando course was quite challenging.  Teams of two completed the course by supporting one another.  The spotter made sure their partner safely negotiated all the obstacles.

The zip line was thrilling.  Flyers learned not to F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) the challenge.  It was great to see children choosing to have multiple turns!

Lunch had lots of choices and it was great to see everyone tucking in.

After lunch students were regrouped for the next series of activities:

Hut building


Damper making



and Initiative Games


September 17, 2018
by bbrickhill

Log Cabin Ranch – Monday

After a short rest stop in Bacchus Marsh, we quickly reached Log Cabin Ranch in full sunshine.  Students had managed the bus ride well while searching for items on a checklist in their activity books.

We were briefed by Sam, one of the camp staff, and showed to our rooms.  The students made their beds and put their pjs under their pillows.  The children showed great independence in managing their bags and belongings.


We enjoyed our first two rotations which included commando course, archery, zip line and more.  It was great to have terrific weather all afternoon.

Afternoon tea was delicious and most students went back for seconds.  The third rotation was completed after this snack and then everyone went and had a shower in their cabins or shower block.

The students enjoyed some basketball, volleyball, trampolining and quiet time during free time.  Everyone was ready for dinner and most went back for seconds.

The children are looking forward to enjoying the disco night this evening.

September 6, 2018
by blakeherreen

Week 8 – Term 3

Year 4 Camp

As you know, the Year 4s are off to camp on Monday 17th – Wednesday 19th September. Below is some important information for families. This Friday, students will take home a reminder notice and an extra packing list to get ready for our great adventure!

Below is a copy of the reminder notice, the packing list will go home on the back of this notice:


On Monday 17th September, staff require students attending the camp to:

  • Arrive at school no earlier than 7.45am
  • Teachers will move students on to their bus at 8.15am
    • Students will know whether they are on bus #1 or bus #2 before the camp
  • Provide Bernadette Sparkes with medication by 8.00am (in a clearly named plastic zip-lock bag, with completed paper-work)
    • If you require another medication form, please ask your child’s teacher
  • Place their luggage bags on the Janet Street nature strip for the drivers to load the bus
    • Students will be shown beforehand where to place their bags
  • Keep their small backpack with them (to go on the bus) with; snack, fruit, lunch and water for the first day
  • Visit the toilet before we leave

While on camp there are two phone numbers that parents can contact the camp in the case of an EMERGENCY. Please avoid using these numbers (in non-emergency circumstances) and note, Laburnum staff will contact parents if required.

  • 0423 553 016 – Laburnum Primary School mobile number
  • (03) 5345 2756 – Log Cabin Camp office contact

On Wednesday 19th September, the campers expect to return between 3.00-3.30pm and parents are asked to:

  • Not call the school office for the return time
    • If the campers are running late, parents will be informed via the Skoolbag App
  • Help keep Janet Street clear for bus and luggage access
  • Avoid blocking the footpath on Janet Street and school entrance
  • Help take any bag they see to the basketball court
  • Get their child’s name ticked off the roll by their teacher
  • Ensure their child collects the correct bag and belongings before leaving

Kind regards,

Year 4 Team

August 16, 2018
by katemarshall

Book Week

Dear Parents/carers

Every August, schools across the nation celebrate books and Australian authors and illustrators as part of Book Week. (20th -24th August)
This year we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be supporting Make-A-Wish® Australia.

On Friday August 24 you can help inspire your child to dress up as their favourite book character and if you would like to support Make-A-Wish, bring along a gold coin donation.

Book Week Competitions
We have two competitions running in our library during Book Week. (August 20-24)
1. Book Week Quiz. All you need to do is answer the questions on the quiz and place your completed quiz in the quiz box located on the small table next to the borrowing desk.
2. Book Week Clues. There are 8 clues around the library. Use these clues to find the titles of 8 very famous books. Write down your answers on the clue sheet and place in the clue box located on the small table next to the borrowing desk.

Should you have any questions about our Book Week activities, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you
Wendy Keogh

August 6, 2018
by katemarshall

Tissues Please!

The Year 4 classes are in desperate need of tissues. If you haven’t brought a box in this year yet could you please send some in.

Thank you!

The Year 4 team


August 6, 2018
by katemarshall

Camp Quality

On Friday the 20th of July the Year 4’s attended a puppet show about the illness, cancer. The puppet show was about a school girl named Kylie and her battle with leukaemia, which we now know is cancer of the blood. Kylie suffered some side effects from the medication she was on. She lost the hair on her head and also her eyebrows. We learnt you cannot catch cancer from anyone else and good friendships are really valued for those suffering with cancer. Kylie also told us that the most important thing she did when she was sick was STAY POSITIVE!!


July 19, 2018
by katemarshall

Life Education Van

The Life Education Van came to visit Laburnum towards the end of Term 2 and boy was it informative! We learnt about cyber safety and how to be responsible when using technology. Our presenter, Carol, asked us about different apps and games and we talked about how they were or were not appropriate for our age group. She also gave us some pretend profiles to look at and we had to decide if they were safe enough to add as a friend or not to be trusted. That was tricky! Finally, we looked at some examples of passwords and had to decide if they were strong (thumbs up) or weak (thumbs down). Carol also showed us a special trick to create a super strong password that no one would be able to guess. The best part though was when Harold the giraffe came out for a chat right at the very end. What a fun learning experience!

June 29, 2018
by katemarshall

‘How Do Living Things Survive?’ Inquiry Projects

To complete our unit ‘How do Living Things Survive?’ Year 4 students had the opportunity to share their work with their peers. Students shared what they had learnt about their environment and the animals that live there. They got to choose how they wanted to present their work with students creating PowerPoint presentations, dioramas, posters and brochures.

It was a great way to finish off a busy term. Happy holidays everyone!

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